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Making a real video game? Answered

Hi all... i want to say before i start that i know that this will take a VERY LONG time and a TON of work to do. I've tried it. But... im wonderring if someone could tell me exactly how to make a REAL 3d video game. I know that ill need models... and textures... and audio... and all that crep. But, for me, the .exe is the big part bcuz thatz basically the hardest(ish) part. I have done a little modeling and i can do some texturing although, its not that great. I realize that your gonna say "Get a program to make it like gamemaker" but... i have tried that and it really didnt pleas me. I mean... i want the game to be %100 mine. I want to code it from scratch. I know that this is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY hard, but i am willing to put the time into it. I have almost every night of the week, and the weekends to work on it for lik 5-12 hours, so i have time. I just need to know how to make the exe and utilize the other game files with it. I know im asking a lot... but i really want 2 do it. It will drive me crazy if i dont. And, if i could... i wanna make it a ps2 game. Please dont reply if you cant/arent going to help me because... well... i just wanna make my game. So PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance. Please feel free to ask any questions about what i want to make. THANKS!



8 years ago

Since Blender is free, it's an excellent choice to try something like this in as evilgenius has pointed out. The really cool thing is that it's both backwards and forwards compatible. If you've never used it, start with the Noob to Pro tutorials, and that should let you decide if it's the program for you. Also, whatever platform you decide on, you're going to need a development pack for. You might check that it will mesh together with Blender when you're done before you start your project.


Answer 8 years ago

THANKS 4 the sudjustion... im gonna try it since it seems to be a good idea. I will update..


8 years ago

Alright here we go. Now there is a TON of things that go into making a game. Models are one yes, as well as audio. These two artistic areas are usually what you notice in a game. Other assets include 2D art, and sometimes pre-rendered video files. The executable however is the core of all game projects... These aren't made with any fancy point and click wysiwyg editor. Nope these have to be hand coded. The learning curve of most programming languages is steep if you're new to it. But there are a few that will help lessen the challenge. The following will be a few links to content creation tools spiking with some ide's.

Google wings 3d
You already know about blender so I'll exclude that.

Paint.net is a good tool

Audacity is all I generally use.

Okay this list is going to range from easiest and least powerful, to rather difficult but rewarding.

JustBasic - This is a great learning tool. It is very easy to learn, and can help give you a basic knowledge of programming (Pun intended) But be warned, it's limitations are many. You can't actually produce a 3D game with this however; I mention it because it is useful to the learning process.

Blitz3D - I loved this when I had just started out. There is a little more to it than JustBasic, and it is built for programmers to jump right in and make 3D Games. An awesome tool in my opinion. Blitzbasic.com

The next two are powerful languages, and they are not very user friendly to a beginner.

Dev C++ - This compiler is an amazing (and free) C++ & C compiler. This was the first real language i jumped into, and it took a good deal of learning on my part. Picking up a few books on the subject of C or C++ is recommended before starting on this endeavor.

Microsoft Visual C# Express - My personal favorite at the moment. Still a bit difficult to learn but combined with Microsoft XNA... Well that makes an amazing game development workshop right there. Now I'll probably be hated if I told you to just jump in here, but it's worth it in my opinion. Download Visual C# and XNA from microsoft, then hop on youtube and search XNA 3.0 2D tutorial. 4.0 is the newest version of XNA but, the same concepts apply. There aren't too many 4.0 tutorials out on youtube at the moment. But creators.xna.com has an education section that can teach you just about anything you want to know. (I believe it redirects to app hub now, but it's all the same info.) So there you go, all the information you need to start your journey. Enjoy!

Oh I almost forgot, gamedev.net is a great resource for questions!!!


evilgenius 398

8 years ago

i should make an instructable. but i forgot to mention. in blender you can export a game into an .exe

evilgenius 398

8 years ago

check out blender 3d. it is a free 3d program that has a built in game engine. it is a little confusing at first but there are alot of tutorials and forums. you can make games in like 5 minutes.