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Manual flattening a washer with rolling mill Answered

I’m trying to use washers for a project but the largest I found is 1”. Ideally I’d like them to be 1 1/2 or 2 with at least a 1/4 space between out and inside. I thought of using a manual flat rolling manual mill but will it distort the shape?


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1 year ago

No clue what type of workshop you have acces to but unless you really need a lot I would try two things.
a) try to find a pipe supplier.
Not the kind for push connections, the heavy duty stuff with flanges and screwed connections.
1 1/2 and 2" is a very common size and washers for these pipe connections are available, even is heavy duty plastic to form lasting seals.
B) if you have a half decent workshop use a piece of mild steel or aluminium (depending on the requirements) and mark out what you need.
Use suitable or hole saw/punch if you can for the outer "ring" and not just the inner one.
If you have nothing for the ouside (to removed after the inner hole!) use a nadsaw to get close and an angle grinder or belt sander for the finnish.

You can try rolling out a thicker and smaller washer but you will have a hard time keeping it fully round.
Distortions can be fixed with a bigger hammer, but not even duct tape will make it round if the milling created an elliptical shape...