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Mast head amplifier on FPV? Sounds crazy right! Answered

hi i have been looking at buying this >


but i thought it might not be very good signal if not i was also thinking of buying something like this


It is 900 mhz so i think it is just crazy enough to work

i also happen to have an old mast head amp power supply just laying around gathering dust.
I'm not bothered about spending 6 quid just to try it out but what i was worried about was feedback from the PSU to the reviver I mean I don't want to blow it on day one how could i stop this and would it be a problem in the first place?


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Best Answer 9 years ago


The transmitter is 1.5 watts.  It should be plenty of power.

The masthead amp is for broadcast TV.  WILL NOT WORK!  Won't even connect without tons of adapters.  Output from transmitter would probablly destroy the amp anyway.

Still don't know much about your project.

Daniel Deacon
Daniel Deacon

9 years ago

Im going to post an instructable if it all works out good! :)