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Metal clay thread repair for 3d printer extruder head Answered

Does anyone have experience with metal clay or 3d printers with a good way to fix the female slot on the extruder aluminium block


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1 year ago

If it is stuffed because it was worn out then there is a really simple and good solution available.
It is called "thread inserts".
You need to know the size and pitch of the screw in question, get the corresponding thread insert and recommended drill.
For example a M5 thread insert usually requires to drill a 5.5 or 6mm hole - which is quite easy if your drill very carefully (drill press recommended) into te stuffed hole.
The insert is like a spring and with the tool, or a slotted screwdriver the thing "shrinks" when the thread gets stuck on the drilled wall.
Once it is fully in the tension from the twisting stops and it presses itself tight against the wall.
Getting the screw back in fully sets the thread and you have nothing to worry anymore.
Especially in aluminium these inserts provide a much stronger hold then the original.
Best thin is that it saves all the troubles of filling the hole, drilling and tapping and then hoping you got it in the right spot and that the filler won't come out again.
Only other way I can recommend is to use aluminium brazin rods to fill the hole, finnish the surface and then drill and tap the new hole in solid aluminium.