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Microwave Turntable ? Answered

How do I fix my microwave turntable that has quit turning?


Josehf Murchison

1 year ago

Other than what rickharris said many microwave ovens have a removable plate over the turntable drive.

If there isn't a removable plate over the turntable drive, you are in for a big job.

Remove the plate over the turntable drive motor and see if the motor is getting power when you turn the microwave on.

If the motor is getting power and not running replace the turntable drive.

Most microwave turntable drives are gear reduction and motor all in one.

If the turntable drive isn't getting power when you turn the microwave on; use as is, replace microwave, or check the leads at the circuit board.


If you get power at the leads on the circuit board when you turn the microwave on, BAD WIRES.

If you do not get power at the leads on the circuit board; use as is, or replace microwave.


1 year ago

As said by the other guys already it is either the motor or the gearbox.
To replace it you might need to cut some thin metal strips holding the cover in place.
As noone really bothers that piece is not screwed so after opening ou need to add one or two metal screw to keep it in place.
The motor has push on clips for the power and one or two screws holding it.
Take it out and go to the scrap metal guy of your choice to pick one from another microwave or get a replacement off Fleabuy.
Only a few bucks new anyway.

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

The turntable is usually turned by a little motor that is bolted onto the bottom of the cooking cavity.

Here is a picture,


of what this motor typically looks like.

So, I am guessing this is the place to check first. First, check if power is going to that motor. Second, pull that motor out, and see if you can make it run independently of the microwave oven; i.e. try to discover if the motor is broken.


1 year ago

1. Find out why it has stopped.

Possibly the motor (replace)


Possibly a gearbox is broken (replace)

Possibly a rubber belt is broken (replace)

Possibly The motor has no power (why)

Possibly a fuse has blown(why and replace)

2. As we are not thre you will have to check these things.