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Millefiori candy (sticky candy) in the U.S. or Canada? Answered

 I am doing a glass project where I need to find a certain kind of candy inspired by the glass process of millefiori. Sticky candy, a brand in Australia and a few other countries, uses this technique but none of the designs work for me and I don't think they ship to the U.S. or Canada. Anyone know what this candy is called/ other producers of it? Thanks!

http://www.sticky.com.au/index.php?Exquisite_hand_made_lollies_and_candy_for_gifts_and_promotions&cat=16 here is an example of Sticky candy

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millefiori and here is the glass process I'm talking about. :) 



7 years ago

I believe the candy making process is called "pulled sugar". The final candies seem to have a few names (depending on the maker), but I found you a link to a Florida store called Sugar Sugar. They were featured on Food Network's "Unwrapped" and I recall seeing them there.

This link will show you a video of them making the candy on the FN program.

Here is a link to their website. They have an e-store so you can order from them, plus they do custom orders. They simply call their creations "lollies".

I hope this has answered your question. :)


Answer 7 years ago

You're welcome. Glad to help.

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7 years ago

Who says you can't make your own mil. candy? wink wink nudge nudge?
I'm thinking four pieces of licorice twists. 2 red, 2 black (look up how to do the pattern with FIMO) Also, wouldn't a candy cane be an example?