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Mounting an LCD Monitor Answered

Hello everyone! I am working on project that involves mounting a 19in LCD monitor onto a board. The monitor has 4 threaded holes in the back for mounting onto an arm or wall mount. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of screws to use or has any advice on properly and securely mounting the monitor. The monitor is a Westinghouse 19" LCD. The whole project is going to be a small entertainment center for my monitor. I am going to attach speakers and accent lighting. I am doing this for a class project and drafting it in Vectorworks. *If anyone is interested in looking at the plans I will send them to you; however please don't redistribute them. They will be in DWG format. GC


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12 years ago

Pre-made LCD mounts cost around $50 but they offer you the option to tilt and adjust your panel so that you can cut the glare when you finally use it. A mounting adapter screws on first to your panel, then it clicks on to the mount that is fastened to your wall or backboard. This allows you access to hook up the cables and then mount it. The mounting screws usually come with the kit. It might be a good idea to not mount the panel directly to the back of your entertainment center without the ability to adjust the viewing angle.