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Multi Console Av Cables Answered

SOOOOO i've got way to many gaming consoles.. i collect them  i love them all DEARLY but i hate the fact i've got 20million sets of AV cables for each one. SO i went to gamestop and bought a multi console av cable.. covers my xbox (original), xbox 360, playstation 2, and gamecube/nintendo. so i plugged all my consoles in and fired on up.. and to my surprise i had no audio.. so i checked the av's on the tv side and moved htem and after much arguing with it all unplugged all but my xbox.. magically SOUND. so while the xbox was playing a movie i plugged in another console and bam sound was gone.. so my THEORY is this

1) Single Console it Works fine but i still have to switch the cables around every time i want to use another console
2) more than one console plugged in the audio from L & R is being diverted from the tv to the new console plugged in.

but i am unsure how to test this.. and even more unsure if my theory is correct how to fix it. i bought the cable for next to nothing and am not above hacking it apart to get the results i want.


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9 years ago

Those cables are only designed to run one console at a time. If you have more then one console plugged into the cable it causes issues. Those cables are meant to be move from console to console as you need them. If you want to avoid swapping cables all the time then get a AV selector. I picked one up a few years ago at Game Stop that offers 4 inputs. So all i have to do is hit a button on the splitter to select the system i want to use. There are also splitters that have remotes for switching between systems.

If you need more then 4 inputs you can always daisy chain them together.