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Muppets Animal Costume? Answered

Hi Guys Everyone on this site is so fantastic at making stuff I wondered if one of you might be able to help me to make a Muppets Animal Costume for my friend. I'm thinking of glueing 2 pieces of foam together (will sort of look like Stewie family guys head) as the base then cutting a hole out for the mouth. Ping pong balls for the eyes and some fake fur. I'm going to use a black mesh/netting for the inside of the mouth so you can't see my friend inside the costume/ What do you think? Anyone got any ideas that would work better? If anyone could do an instrucauble for this I will be your bestest friend. Thanks everyone PS: The party is at the end of November, so I guess I should be making it already!



10 years ago

Do a search on puppets and you will see a few ideas on muppet style stuff. Cut up a fuzzy beach or bath towel to use as material to cover your costume. You can hot glue yarn or strands of felt for hair and decoration. Use a cardboard frame, wire, pvc tubes or chunks of styrofoam to fill out the big shape of the head. Tear apart an old pillow for stuffing. Use material from ladies hoisery to make the mesh panel for the see-through panel. Good luck.


Reply 10 years ago

Thanks for your quick reply. You have some really good ideas there.