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My laptop has no picture? Answered

I have a toshiba satellite 200cds that my neighbor gave me. When i start it up you can hear it booting and the hard drive light comes on, but the screen has no picture. I tried plugging it into an lcd monitor and still no picture. It doesn't have a battery, could that be the problem? Any help with this would be much appreciated. Also the disk drive wont open, when i push the button it makes a click like its about to open, but doesnt.



8 years ago

sorry but it sounds like a motherboard problem, most likely with the graphics processor. it most likely has some sort of problem with it, i was thinking your backlight or inverter may be bad until you said there was no external video either.

the battery shouldnt have any effect on the function of the video output, i have a '95 mac laptop with no battery but it still works.

considering this laptop you have is kind of old, i would consider taking it apart and observing it, looking for any visible problems, but one thing that ver well could be wrong is as simple as the ram.

i had a acer once that had a bad ram stick and with the stick inserted refused to show any video output, if your laptop has two ram cards first try switching them around, and if that doesnt work, try starting up the laptop with just one inserted.

if that still doesnt work, see if you can find a known good ram card for cheap or free (or to even borrow) and see whats up then.

if the problem isnt fixed by that, then it could be a damaged motherboard.

the cd drive should have a small hole on the faceplate, push a pin into it and the drive should release, if it doesnt, something may be stuck inside it.


8 years ago

There may be loose connections inside and or loose daughter boards, open it and have a look at present it's a door stop.


8 years ago

it's possible the video output is set to your S-Video cable. You can try plugging it into a tv, or try to change the video output back.

Changing video output from google-
"On a Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite, press the Windows key and "P" at the same time to instantly pull up a menu asking you to spit the video signal out to the television. If you're running XP or Vista, right-click the desktop and choose either "Properties" or "Personalize". Click "Connect to a projector or other external display" on a Vista machine, or the "Display" tab on an XP machine."

If that doesn't work, it could be the software- try booting from your Windows disk. You mentioned that the CD drive won't open, there should be a mechanical over-ride that you can stick a paper clip in to force the door open.

Other than that- it's possible that the screen has gone bad. See the S-video cable output method I discussed in order to test what you should be seeing on the laptop LCD.