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My own Majora's Mask Answered

Hi there, guys! I haven't been on for a while, but I need some help/advice.

You see, I have a bunch of nerd friends. I want to make a costume for halloween that is cooler than all of theirs, so I am going to be...

SKULL KID! Therefore, I need to make a Majora's mask. I am thinking of forming the main shape with chicken wire then covering it with paper mache, but my mom thinks it will be too heavy. Clay is also a (heavy and hot) option. What do you people think?



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10 years ago

Looks like you can find two salad bowls to use as your base form. Strip away the papier mache or use disposable plastic ones to imbed in the mask. Use some strips of cardboard to glue and form the rest of the shapes. Get a construction workers hardhat or batting helmet to use as the top so it will be easy to wear and put on. Papier mache is the way to go. Good luck.