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My username changed by itself ???? Answered

Hey, I don't know if my computer is haunted or something but my user name has changed without me doing anything.
I've been a member since 2008 and my user name always been the same. Last week or so, a friend of mine told me about a post he made on instructables called ballistic bubble. I searched the topic, looked at it and logged off.

This week, I can not log into my account, after asking for a password reset I noticed that the user name associated to my account had been changed to ballistic bubble... how in heaven is that possible lol , I thought we were not able to change our user name.

Anyone had that problem?

Ballistic bubble Aka meagain



8 years ago

Let me know if you want your username changed back, but Lithium is right, there's a box on your "you" page that allows a user to change their username one time.

Lithium Rain

8 years ago


Very recently Instructables has made it so that when you go to your "You" page, you actually CAN change your username (only once, though). It's done by typing the desired username into a little text field at the bottom of the "You" page. It's possible you mistook that for the search box. Or maybe it's unrelated, but the timing seems suspicious. ;)