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NEED HELP! - Boxing Pad Man w/ Programmable Lights array? Answered

I had an idea...
Since I cant go to training for a while, I wanted to build my own Pad Man! haha (well thats what I'd call it.)

The idea is, I would mount pads on a metal frame (which would be drilled to the wall) and I would hit the pads... Lights would light up next to each pad in which combo I need to hit, (on a timer so the lights would show up then I have 3-4 seconds before the next combo) and it would be random...

(even better than that would be having audio go with it, saying numbers)

I know physically this would be possible (ie, the pads and the frame) but could I program the lights and the numbers with some sort of mini circuit board??

Thanks for the help guys, would be a wicked build I would even put a video up of it working!

I think I will start on the frame and pads, and will try and google something for the light array but I really have no clue where to start (not really done anything like that before.) So Please oh wise instructables!! Show me the way!!


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11 years ago

If I cant do the lights thing... i think I will just have a PC with audio files of the combos and play them in shuffle haha simpler but MUCH LESS COOL!


Reply 11 years ago

A new question has arrisen!!

I thought it would make your fists feel like shit after about half an hour, so i thought... how about maybe some sort of spring sysytem on the back of each pad??

Am I being too ambitious now??