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Need Help extending range of wireless keyboard and mouse =(? Answered

I have a Microsoft wireless desktop keyboard and mouse combo that i use very frequently. the problem is the range isn't so great. 
Im talking maybe 6-8 INCHES if im lucky. i do not know why this is, but it was a gift from my girlfriend so i cant just go out and buy another one that is Bluetooth. ;)

i have my computer hooked up to my TV via a 12 gauge high speed hdmi cable. (computer sits about 10-12 feet away give or take.) 
i mostly use the keyboard and mouse for internet but she loves to use it to play games. 

the problem is its gotten very annoying to have to pull the usb cable as close as possible (maybe an 8' cord?) to be able to do anything with the computer. 

you'll notice in the 2nd and 3rd images below the "receiver" for the keyboard and mouse. USB powered. 
i have brand new Alkaline batteries in both the KB and MS and no change, for those who thought i wasn't thinking lol :)

i tried to take apart the receiver and solder on a radio antenna but got no luck.
the only thing that happened was no the keyboard and mouse had to be 6-8 inches from the antenna, 

MY Question is, Is there a way to Easily build an RF amplifier, or to somehow tweak the board into increasing range. 
im at a loss, i thought that if you add a larger antenna, you would gain DB's, like Newtons 3rd Law or something. 

maybe im wrong, but if anyone has any input whatsoever, please feel free to comment or message me. 

ive tried everything from taping it to the wall or the ceiling, turning it over and even keeping the plastic off, tried a different computer and still no luck, if anyone knows of a way to build an RF amplifier for a 26-28 MHz Range i would love you forever, and i will make an instructable on how to do this for all wireless keyboards and mice that are RF and not Bluetooth.


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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

Best Answer 9 years ago

I agree that the range should be much further than 8", I would have said that the absolute minimum range (with nothing in the way) should be about 3'. Have you tried contacting customer support and asking whether this is a defective unit, and tried getting a replacement?

The antenna you are using is an AM receiver deigned for picking up commercial radio broadcasts, but you need an FM antenna (a single wire). There is a formula to find the optimum length of an antenna to pick up a specific frequency (Roughly 6.77M, although that seems a little impractical.)