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Need a DSLR Car mount Answered

browsing for parts, thinking about resting it on the window itself. just looking to see if anyone has any type of ideas? This is pretty much my plan at the moment but I have to find parts for it.


But with this plan I for see 2 issues

1. The arm would most likely swing from side to side when speeding up or slowing down

2. If you wanted to record the driver, the window has to be down for this plan so wind would seriously be an issue.

You could solve the first issue by using 2 arms, but windows are curved so.. im not so sure about that.


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9 years ago

i was a little confused by your image as to what is inside and outside the car, and whether this camera is right next to the driver or positioned opposite on the passenger window. I'm English, we drive on the left so sit on the right, so if your camera were on the drivers window it'd be looking out, if it were on the passenger window it'd have a nice view of me driving :)
Hopefully my carefully drawn tree will show what is inside an outside on my drawing.

Have you thought about making the mount more like I have drawn so the window can be practically closed (if not closed) to reduce the wind problem.

You could put a rubber suction cup, like GPS and window screens for children often use, near the base of the mount to stop the side to side problem, mind you if the mount were wide enough and the window pinched it at the top when closed then I don't think it'd move significantly under acceleration and braking.

Just an idea


Reply 9 years ago

That is not a bad design! and actually I was planning on my design being used for both. I am not sure what exactly to do, i may just end up buying somethign at this point.