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Need help installing dixie horn on Opel Corsa C Answered

Hi everyone, I've bought this dixie horn set off ebay because I'm a fan of the dukes of hazzard show and I thought it be hilarious to catch my friends off guard with my cars new melody :) . https://bit.ly/2nNhTVa this is the link to the ebay product page, I've just shortened it. I understand how all the tubing needs to be assembled, but I'm abit lost when it comes to wiring it safely. I know I need to purchase my own switch, fuse and wire but I'm not sure on what type of fuse or how to go about wiring it. I'm also abit lost on where to exactly mount all the horns plus air pump. I'm looking to install this as a secondary horn with its own switch. Any guidance will be much appreciated!


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