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Need help w/ IR Camera project Answered

ok, so i am working on building a pair of Infrared night vision goggles, I have a $0 budget, so am making this entirely from recycled materials and material i already own, so please no suggestions requiring me to make a purchase, please :)

here is my issue: I already have a camera that i am modifying to view infrared only, and i want to have the LCD screen go further from the camera than its ribbon cable will allow.

i have considered cutting the ribbon wire and splicing wires between the two ends, but im afraid that it won't work and then i will have no ribon cable at all, and thus of course no screen.

so if anyone has any solutions, that would be great



8 years ago

also, the Camera is an HP M23, fairly cheap camera, but i have an infrared filter modded into it, i dont know if it helps for you ppl to know the camera model.