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Need to reset my password everytime i want to login Answered

Since a couple of days I cannot login anymore. Worked fine for the last two years on the same system.
The site does not remember me, and when I enter my username/password to login manually I cannot login. (username unknown or password doesn't match)

The only method that works now is the following:
1) click 'forgot password' in the logon screen
2) follow the confirmation link in the e-mail that is sent
3) type the SAME password as before :-)
This will log me in, but I have to repeat these steps EVERYTIME I want to use instructables.
Anybody else having this problem?

What is wrong? Please help...

System: Windows Vista + IE


Gerald Maurice

8 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions kelseymh.
I have cleared out my IE cache a few times now. It does not help. I have removed all cookies and password cache and browsing history. It does'n't help. I have rebooted a couple of times.
Still I need to create a new password everytime I want to login, which basically makes the site unusable.
I have tried to contact the instructables team by e-mail, but they do not respond.
I really like some good support on this.

kelseymhGerald Maurice

Reply 8 years ago

Did you use the <service {at} instructables.com> e-mail address? If you haven't been contacted by today or tomorrow (since the humans in San Francisco only work normal human hours), try using a PM to contact Matt Dalton (user StumpChunkman) directly.

Also, what do you have your IE "security level" (or whatever it's called) set to be? Which version of IE are you using? I seem to recall some comments that with IE7 or IE8, if you set the security level for Instructables.com too high, IE refuses to save cookies even if you allow it, and consequently the servers have no way to know that you've ever logged in. Since I don't have Exploder on my MacBook, I don't have any experience with this myself.


8 years ago

Delete your cache and delete all cookies. Your IE is being too agressive in using an old cached copy of I'bles pages.