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New Idea for the food section Answered

Dear Instructables,

I have an idea for a improvement of the food section. While I was browsing the food section for some delicious inspiration I thought of the idea  of adding a ingredient selector. This function would make it really easy to search for new ideas whilst using some of the ingredients you all ready have at home. One should be able to make a selection of different ingredients and only the recipes containing at least these ingridients should come up. I think that such a function would work friendlier than the search option.




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7 years ago

Though I like the idea (and i believe some recipi-sites use it) it will not work here because each ingredient is not listed seperately - its all just semi-randomly put in a blob (known as a instructable).

What you suggest would (to work decently) require that each ingredient would be listed elsewhere with some pointer to every instructable that uses it (and thats even ignoring that things are called different names (sometimes conflicting) all over the world)

The idea itself is good though, and would work for a lot of sections - "hmm, i got a hammer, a cardboard box, glue and an empty can... i wonder what i can make out of it".