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New build: team fortress 2 sentry Answered

Hello fellow diy enthusiasts!  for those of you who went to Fanime in san jose, you may have heard a rumor of a working sentry being made for next year. No? Well, the rumor's true!  I am working on a portable sentry (level one only...sorry).  Its all part of an engineer outfit from team fortress 2.  My hopes were to have it with motion-tracking capability.  This was before i realized how hard it is to find actual motion tracking equipment.  So, i got a few problems.  One is the motor system. I just got off the phone with a guy from an electronics store who happens to be an electrician, and he recommends either an oscillating fan motor, or two 9 volt r/c motors (with limit switches to make it oscillate).  My problem will be where to put it all.  I got a camera tripod, and am planning to get a laptop attachment, as well as an old slide projector for the gun body.  way i see it, i attach the motors to the panning handle, or lock the pan in place, and mount the motors on the laptop, then attach the projector to the motors....but that'd look awkward.  The magitek armor has been put on hold unfortunately...that build may have been one of those impulse things, but i may get back to it yet.  At any rate, to review, my problems are 1)what kinda motors to use 2) placement of components, and 3) finding/making this thing track motion.  Once more, i appreciate input!


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9 years ago

Well I would recommend if for a Cosplay trying a "wrangler" style thing...a simple Motor from an RC Helicopter or plane and use the remote for Turning it....Mind sharing your schematics? i'm trying my hand a a level one and a level 3 and keep having sizing issues....