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New website login issues Answered

I have noticed that with the new website logging in is somewhat messed up. Example:

Get an email from instructables, click on something interesting - I am not logged in.

Click on the 'favorite' icon - sends me to the login page, where I log in, which then redirects me to the front page, not the page I was favoriting.

Hit back twice to go back to the page I was viewing, expecting that the login infomration would be cached now, but when I hit the favorite link, I am again redirected to the login page, and then again back to the front page.

Frustrated now, do a search from the home page and try to find the page i was looking at so that I can finally mark it as a favorite.


Secondarily, as another data point, I don't think that the new website layout is an improvement. Too much whitespace in lots of places.