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Nexus 7 tablet installed in car. Is there a way for it to read/display oem a/c and bluetooth info? (CAN-BUS) Answered

I hope this is the right section, this is my first post in the forum section.

I've just heard that somebody got it to work for the 2010-2012 models, although I have no solid info of this. Our systems for the 2013 model are different. So this is specifically for the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the Nexus 7 platform.

Basically as the title states. We over at gencoupe.com are currently installing the Nexus 7 tablets in the dash. So far we've connected basic features, power/shut down w/car, and to read OBDII features in digital gauges via bluetooth using apps such as dashcommand. The only problem with installing this set up is that our OEM LCD display that displays a/c information, and bluetooth caller info now has to be removed. All the manual controls still work, they just aren't displayed. The Nexus can be attached to SD cards, USB hubs, etc. but obviously doesn't have a can-bus connection, nor a program to read it.

Suggestions to get this info to display on the tablet? One suggested Arduino, but would still need an app programmed.

Anybody have some time on their hands?

I can provide more info as needed!



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