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Non Toxic Adhesive Spray Answered

I ordered glitter halters for my horses but the glitter falls off. Is there a safe product I can use on the halters to keep the glitter on without any danger to my horses either toxic smell or indigestion? 




4 years ago

First it really depends on the material the halters are made of. Leather or nylon?

If its nylon then a fabric glue that you can get in a fabric store should work.

I would not worry to much about it being toxic. A horse has about 10 times the body mass of a person so it takes an extra lot of something to have an effect on them. And also remember that its not actually on their skin, at the most it would be in contact with their hair. And on top of that horse hide is pretty tough stuff.

I owned horses for about 20 years until they died of old age. Never tried glitter on them though. Mine were trained for trail riding.

Thinking about it the best thing to try might be to put the glitter on something like a heavy denim strip and then stitch the denim into the nylon. Nylon webbing itself doesn't take glue very well but you can easily run a big needel through it to stitch something on to it.


4 years ago

maybe look up on how to make wheat paste. If I remember correctly, it is just flour and hot water. I used it once to make a shaped cardboard scratching post for a cat


Answer 4 years ago

That is something that a horse would eat with joy, glitter and all.


4 years ago

Not sure if it works hot in a spray bottle but gelantine is quite sticky before it sets.

Spray on, sprikle the glitter over and see what happens.
A simple rins with warm water will remove the lot.