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Old CD/DVD Drives with 2 wire DC Motors for DIY CNC Answered

With a lot of old electronics lying around, I embarked on taking them apart  with the intention to use the sled motors to build my first CNC.
Unfortunately, I found only 2 wire DC Motors with limit switches on the laser sleds.  Here is a list:

1.Sansui DVD with Sony Laser Carriage- 2 wire sled motor with Limit switch
2.DVD player from 32cm Bahun TV        -2 wire motor with limit switch
3.CD Drive from Dell Laptop                    -Miniature motor with LS & 2 track ribbon connectors.
4.Mitsumi 31/2" Diskette drive                 -Stepper with less travel

The only 4 wire stepper motor was on the diskette drive.
Is it possible to use the 2 wire DC motors in my project?
What sort of logic control will be required.
How did they function in the DC/DVD drives?


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