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OneDrive error 0x80070185 during migration from Dropbox to Onedrive Answered

We are attempting to migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive across the organization Mac and PC. We are piloting with a few users and "Files on Demand" are a requirement. We are running into issues where accessing Office documents from the OneDrive folder (using windows explorer) causes an error 0x80070185. If on a PC, you can click "skip" and the file opens normally. On a Mac, you have to wait a few minutes for OneDrive for business to realize you want to access the file which means it synchronizes and then opens up normally. I have opened up a Support request in Office3 65 but it's obvious first line support has no clue what they are doing. Anyone else have this issue? I have seen other posts about this error with no resolution.

Any help much appreciated.


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1 year ago

Have you tried a random access for the folders from a server already?
The cloud connection goes dormant and the OS takes this as a sign that a sync is no longer required.
If the server does random or alphabetical folder checks in the cloud the connection should stay available.
Would mean though users would have to do their files acceess stuff routed through the same server/Ip address.