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Oodassault pistol V3.3 review Answered

Ok, TD wanted me to do a review, here it is.

Handle: 9
Very sturdy, 5 layers.

Main body: 9
Very sturdy, 5 layers.

Magazine: 7
It holds together, but you could break it off fairly easily.


Handle: 9.5
Very comfy. For me that is. Don't argue with me about it, everyone's different.


Range: 8.5
Pretty good with two used #64's. Around 45 ft. flat, 55 ft. 45'd.

Magazine capacity: 9.5
Just about the highest you'll get in a pistol.

Reliability: 7
Sorry, but if you don't put your hand in front of the magazine, it almost always breaks the tan rod off. Other than that, it always works.

Trigger: 9
Very nice. Never breaks, simple, holds a lot of pressure.


In the end, I'd give it about a 9. Give or take a few decimals.
Nice job TD, I'll look forward to future projects by you.


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Raz1r Knex Bull3t
Raz1r Knex Bull3t

11 years ago

first of all i would like to say nice review, second of all i'm going to build this after school or do it this weekand but probably not after school but it depends on how much homework i have but definatley the weekand i'll be able to do it. Also (on topic) i don't really like sidearms with large capacity but if you saw the first video of td's v3 he didn't have a big mag so i'm going to try and make the magazine into blue rod length which will be easy because all i have to do is take some parts away and move the end of the mag up a bit, but anyways again nice reiew


Reply 11 years ago

Thanks, and yeah, that's what I did. But this review is for the larger version.

Raz1r Knex Bull3t
Raz1r Knex Bull3t

Reply 11 years ago

just finished the gun last night, and it;s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the handle i would give that 10/10 but since i down sized the magazine to blue rod so now it can only hold 6 now which is pretty good still because you have awesome stripper clips to carry around, but what i also have to say is this gun is better than the mezak i can't believe BB and all the others said this gun sucks but this gun is great for a war so far this is going to be my second primary in a war