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Option GlobeSurfer 3? Answered

Ok so I have a wireless cellular modem/router

here is the link to it


I would really like to power it from battery and im pretty sure i could just get a battery pack from radio shack or something and the correct dc adapter tip but i want to be sure

is there anyone who could assist me in this


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10 years ago

Powering and Interfacing

External 110 - 240V power adapter with interchangeable regional plugs.

Power consumption 5V, 3000mA

This is what the website says it needs.  It doesn't say ac or dc.

3000 ma is 3 amps so your battery is going to need to be big.

Look at the wall wart and see if it's ac or dc.  if it's dc then you could power this with batteries.  Just hook up the adapter with the polarity shown on the wall wart.


Answer 10 years ago

i currently have it powered by a old external hard drive cable one of the ones that plug into 2 usb ports and its been working perfectly like this for quite a while i first tried it with a single usb port and my usb port shut down because the router was pulling a little 2 much from it if there is a way that I could make a battery pack that would provide the same amount as 2 usb ports i think that would work it uses just over 5 volts dc