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Option to Add Images to Video Instructables Answered

I would like to see images enabled on video instructables, as well as having the option to place the video anywhere in the text rather than being locked at the top of the page. An image or screenshot from the video can really highlight an article or video description and make it look much nicer. The only option currently to have both video and images in the same article is to make it a step by step Instructable. Doing so is awkward when all the instructions are provided in a video, but then you're required to somehow add multiple steps to the article which is really just a video description.

As an example of how an image can really add to the attractiveness of an article based around a video, first look at this instructable:

Then at this article built around the same video on a different website that allows both image and video embedding:

In the second article I am able to instantly draw interest to the video with a series of some of the better screen grabs. Even more importantly, while a video is able to provide all the necessary instruction for most things, an image is still the best format to provide a good long look at a mechanism or detailed area, rather than having to pause a video.

Even if we were only allowed one still image to be embedded in a video instructable that would be good enough for me. It would at least allow a nice high resolution picture of the finished item to be displayed near the video so that as the viewer is watching each step they can glance over and get a crystal clear look of what the process is building up to. When you're five or ten minutes into instructions it's easy to forget exactly what the finished product is supposed to look like.


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9 years ago

You could write a normal Instructable and embed the video within that if it gives you more flexibility....