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Options to save on gas while TIG welding ?!? Answered

It's been a while but last weekend I had to some quick TIG welding for a friend with no clue how to use a TIG welder at all.
Still wonder why he felt the need to buy one LOL

Anyway, the regulator was quite crappy and seemed to only provide next to no gas flow or literally a massive blow from the hand piece.
Back home I started to wonder why there is no batter way to direct a smaller volume of gas to keep an inert atmosphere around the welding area.

There is a relation between tip position, arc length and nozzle diameter.
Obviously the more amp you need the more gas you might need.
There are guidlines for the flow rate in regards to the amps used for a reason.
And anyone who ever tried to use a TIG welder outside on a windy day knows only too well how costly or annyoing the job might end up to be.
A fancy kitchen range hood I saw years ago popped back into my mind.
It was a costly designer thing that used directed vortex streams to "suck" away whatever comes from your pots and pans on the oven.
Worked surprisingly well and with low noise too.
Shouldn't it be possible to make such a design work "in reverse"?

A vortex style ceramic nozzle in the hand piece would allow for a much lower flow rate while still providing a strong and concentrated flow of gas right on the welding area.
IMHO it should also allow for a much more stable plasma/arc.
According to my guestimations a reducion in flow rate of 40-60 should be well in reach - a considerable cost factor...
Too bad I can't used my 3D printer for ceramic :(


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