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Phone Headset Answered

I would swear I saw an Instructable on this somewhere, but now I can't find it. I have an old corded telephone that I want to rewire. I just want to take the actual handheld part and attach it to a standard 2.5mm stereo output, such that I could either plug it into a cell phone and have a giant cool headset, or use it with my speaker/mic splitter to do VoIP-type work on the computer. Do phone cords have standard colored wires? Am I just going to have to figure it out myself? The headset has a standard 4-contact CAT-1 phone jack, and I want to take one end off a phone cord and replace it with a 2.5mm plug.


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13 years ago

> Do phone cords have standard colored wires? . Usually red, green, yellow, and black. Just like the cord from the phone to the wall. . > Am I just going to have to figure it out myself? . It not that difficult - judging by your grammar/spelling/syntax, you can do it. . Here's a few tips: 1) the mic and speaker in the tele handset may not work well (or at all) with your setup. Should be easy to hot-glue the proper transducers in place, if not. 2) if your computer doesn't have a single jack for mic/spkr, you'll have to figure out how to wire one up. Personally, I'd put two plugs on the handset. 3) that is probably NOT a "standard 4-contact CAT-1 phone jack. The handset connectors are usually just a little bit smaller than the wall/phone connectors.