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Pixlr Trouble Blending 2 Exposures for Real Estate Answered


I am testing out the pixlr.com editor version...

Opening 2 photos of exact same shot... one with blown out windows in a house and one with the outside view showing in the windows. 

Each time I try to use the brush mode, click black and drop the opacity... nothing happens.

Here are the exact steps..

1. Open both photos at once
2. copy and paste the bright photo over the top of the dark photo
3. delete original photo
4. unlock box for darker photo and check the box
5. click add mask layer (I get a red box next to the white box on that layer)
6. Merge visible
7. Click brush select black and lower opacity... Nothing happens

Sometimes opacity is already at zero.. other times I can get it at 100% and drop it all the way to zero and nothing changes.

Anything I am missing or doing wrong?

Here's 2 photos for an example



3 years ago

The trick is to open your first image in the app. Then go to the Layer menu on top to load in your second image as a new layer on top of your first image. You can then manipulate the opacity when you select that layer in the control box showing the layers. Good luck.