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Playing Music on Arduino from EEPROM? Answered


I want to make a device that has a few audio tracks avalible to be played from the press of a button. I want to have the audio tracks stored on something like an EEPROM because pcpartpicker I am not going nba reddit to be changing them very often. What is the best way to use an external EEPROM that is large enough to store an audio track (about 700kb)? Would I be better off trying to use some other type of storage device? reverse phone lookup




13 days ago

I want to record a song that a user plays on the keys into EEPROM. I have implemented it.Here is the best app called App even...Download third party applications and games through App Even app for free on your devices...https://appevendownloads.com/


14 days ago

you can use ISD 1820PS/1860 WITH ARDUINO


15 days ago

I don't know why you go so complicated...
A simple BT speaker with SD card costs less than 20 bucks and does exactly that plus more.
For example when you turn them off they always play the last song that was not finnished by default.
If you do need the Arduino for something else with it then the best option is still to go with a MP3 or audio module.
Otherwise you would have to program and compile basically everything yourself, from the memory management over the reading part, down to actually converting the digital garbage back into proper sound.