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Plc-xe40 remote bypass Answered

So iv been given two plc-xe40 projectors but I have NO REMOTE for either of them, so I'm trying to find a way of turning them on as they don't have any external buttons, but international they have places for 4 pin push buttons to be soldered on, but when link across I get nothing, iv also tried an app call Zaza (which is very cool) but still nothing, service manual is easily accessible online, I can buy a used remote but want to prove that they work. Iv looked over them eg thermal rest is fine, lamp is fine, micro sw is good and iv checked the voltage from the power board and there fine. I do need to check the p-fail protection circuit but in the manual it sez that a warning LED will come on if there's an issue but no led warning LED.


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3 years ago

I'm not familiar with that particular projector model so can't offer any specific advice..

But consider a universal remote, or for a long shot try all the buttons on any existing remotes you have (might get lucky), or if you have an Arduino you could add an IR emitter and try creating your own universal remote.