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Possible things not yet done with a GameBoy Answered

From Chiptunes to an LED addon for the screen, there have been numerous creative things done to Nintendo's GameBoy line of handheld consoles. Given the capabilities of these sturdy, nostalgic devices, what kind of things could be made or done to them to increase their awesomeness? Apart from making Chiptunes, MP3 player casings, and some of the usual mods for any kind of GameBoy, is there anything else that a Maker could do to it?



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5 years ago

I say, make a black colored steel casing for it, add a front/backlight to it, color the buttons, change the LED that indicates that it's on to a blue one, down-size it so it uses two button cell batteries instead of AA batteries, and, overclock by x4 it with a switch on the side so you can turn overclocking off.