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Power wheels lightning McQueen conversion to bat tumbler? Answered

I want to custom convert my kids power wheels lightning McQueen power wheels to the batman tumbler. I'm prepared to chop it up. I've never done this before. What's the best way to do this, what materials are better for all those panels? Best paints? 


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8 years ago

Interesting idea.... (I expect to see an Instructable when you're done). ;-)

What I would do is unscrew the McQueen outer shell and figure out where and how its attached to make your mod a little easier, and to re-use mounting parts if needed.

For the bat tumbler body.... I would use Coroplast Sheets, which are like corrugated plastic often used for signage, and you can find them online and at most builders stores (like Home Depot). It comes in loads of color, its fairly inexpensive, lightweight and easy to cut and work with, and will have enough kid durability to be used... just maybe not tumbled... ;-)