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Powering 60 Neopixels and an arduino? Answered

I am in need of powering a 30 LED Neopixel strip and an arduino with the smallest sized (as in dimensions of the physical battery) battery possible. The arduino I am still trying to find because of the limited space I have to work with. I was thinking of the Gemma but not positive. I am in need of it lasting at least an hour, and price isnt too big of an issue. I can not find a battery online that could power this. Really appreciate any help or suggestions!



Best Answer 2 years ago

Amps required X hour required = AH for the battery.
Always go for the next bigger size.
You need around 2A for one meter, so a 2100mAH for one hour.
Since you need 5V you will need a step up or step down converter as there are no 5V batteries.
I would go for a 4000mAH or 5000mAH 18650 battery and step up converter.


Answer 2 years ago

Thanks! This helped me a lot. I'm thinking of going with the 5000mAH battery for good measure. Appreciate it!