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Problem with putting a GIF into an Instructable. Answered


I am wondering there is a bug ( or maybe I have just misunderstood something).

I've successfully put a GIF into an Instructable before but this time I seem to be having a problem.

It's a simple two frame GIF; I have just put it in,as I would a photo, but it does not animate in preview or full preview.
I can't remember what I did before that may have been different.

I even inserted it into one of my existing Instructable's as a test but to no avail.

If I open the GIF in Safari it works.

I made it in Photoshop CS3 and saved it optimised for the web but I am such a idiot-hole that there is probably something very simple that I have overlooked.

Any advice ?

Thank you.

It's on  an unpublished Instructable draft page:




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8 years ago

If you go to the page that shows all of the available image formats, the original file still works:

I've had problems using animated GIFs before on Instructables. When uploaded the Robot resizes it a bunch of times for use around the site. Thankfully it keeps the same image format (GIF) but I found it doesn't deal with the layers very well. I managed to get it to work by uploading the animated image at the right size, IE for the one above, large, which is 768x1024. Try resizing your gif to that size then reuploading it. It's an annoying workaround I know, but I can't imagine fixing GIF support is a priority for the developers.

An alternative is to just use the static (non-flashing) image in the picture, but add the original GIF using HTML in the actual Instructable step. You'll need a Pro code to do that, if you want one, I have some spare, PM me and I'll give you one. Or PM me if that makes no sense and I'll try explain it better.


Reply 8 years ago

Dear Jayefuu,

Starting each GIF again with the smaller size did the trick.

Thank you so much for your time and offers of help.

Kind Regards



Reply 8 years ago

So all of the image sizes now work? May I have a link to the image please so I can see?