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Project a laser pointer beam down a medium that will allow it to shoot out the other side. Answered

I am working with some models and am incorporating laser pointer as 'phasers' and am currently using  mirrors to allow for that function.  The areas are tight and some spaces will not take mirrors but I was wondering if there was something like fiber optics or another medium that I could use to let the beam travel down and exit out.  I have seen fiber optic kits for models but the light stops at the end of the cable so I am not sure if that is a good medium.  If fiber optics are an option, how do I size the cable for the laser?  Does the beam strength decrease going through a medium?  I know for fiber it can be miles but just wondering.  I did read the comment about the guy wanting to build the glove but my request is much simpler with hopefully easier details.




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5 years ago

1. Fiber optic is cheap now and easily available.

2. There will be some loss but over a few feet you won't notice.

3. The real issue is what do you want to see at the end of the fiber - the beam will be the same width as the fibre - 1 to 2 mm fibre is around.

4. A plastic tube full of water will work BUT you need a clear plastic cap at each end.