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Pumpkin Carving Answered

Get ready for Halloween by planning out the perfect jack-o-lantern. Whether you've never carved a pumpkin before or are looking for something more advanced, we have 10 great Instructables that will help you out.

Make something awesome, document it, and be sure to enter it into ourDIY Halloween Contest!

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Neat and Easy Pumpkin Carving Step by Step Instructable by kmd08
Learn the basics of hollowing out a pumpkin and transferring a design to cut out.

Make a spooky Darth Vader Pumpkin! by Markp.com
Bring the Force to your front porch with this Star Wars jack-o-lantern.

Bas Relief Light Sculpture by stripmind
Use different depths on the pumpkin to get a really unique effect!

Life-size Skeleton Pumpkin Carving! by mcraghead
Use the pumpkin as a raw material and you can make your own bones and ribcage to make a complete skeleton! More work, but worth it for the look.

dry ice pumpkin for Halloween by dave spencer
Carve out a face with a puckered mouth and put in some dry ice to create a fog-spewing creature!

Laser Pumpkin by novalasers
Ditch the candles and upgrade to a full on laser show. Combine with a fog machine to get the full effect.

Super Mario Bros. LED Mushroom Halloween Pumpkin! by Joe426
Lasers a bit too much? Then toss in some color-changing LEDs and bring a retro image to life.

Animated Jack-O-Lantern by J_Hodgie
HIf the regular jack-o-lantern is a little too static, you can make it move and really surprise those trick-or-treaters.

Mac-O-Lanterns by Fusebox
Old technology is spoooooky. Those old drives must be harboring some evil thoughts so why not make them look evil as well?

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by canida
Remember all that goop you scooped out of the pumpkin? Save it! Roast the seeds for an excellent fall snack.


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Kaji Kitsune
Kaji Kitsune

12 years ago

where's the Jack-O-Laser Vortex of DOOM?


12 years ago

Not have a few things about carving them? Maybe the tesla saw... Actually if I get a pumpkin somewhere I've decided I'll be building some insane contraption to do the carving, what I'm not sure...


12 years ago

Ah I love light relief sculpture, they used to make chocolates with pictures in them like that.