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Quick LED Question Answered

Hello, as you can probably see, I am new to this site.  I came here primarily for technical assistance for some of my endeavors, and this was the first I had in mind.

So, I evidently like Portal, and I would like to create a GLaDOS costume (regardless of gender-- she beats all other villains in my book).  I would like to implement LEDs into the costume for the optic.  It has been quite a while since I last used a soldering iron, and it certainly wasn't for something of this caliber, and I wanted to know a) primarily, can LEDs be soldered into a series circuit, b) can this procedure be done so that it poses no harm when I put on the helmet, and c) is there anything else I should know?

Either a direct response here or a link to an Instructable will suffice, and I thank you greatly for any help, as I truly appreciate it.




5 years ago

Regular LEDs are vary low power and can be run off a pair of AA batteries. I suggest you do an internet search for an LED calc. Give the calc the specs of the LEDs and the power source you'd like to use. It will give you the best wiring configuration and the LEDs you'll need to make sure they don't draw too much current.