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Quiz Buzzer Lockout System help needed Answered

hi all. my church has task us youth to design a quiz buzzer lockout system type of thing to be used for a bible quiz. so the host will ask a question and 8 people will try to be fist to press their button... the fastest button will lockout out all 7 other buttons so they wont buzz... after he answered then the host will press a reset switch and continue with the next question...

i did a ton of research and always end up with arduino arduino arduino... and the instructions is all for 4 or so people and its not very clear to understand or easy to do. i know a bit of programming so that wont be a challenge. i love electronics so that wont be a problem. i just need a clear set of instructions to follow and some guidelines and parts to buy... (im 14 years old... )  the quiz is end of march. it for 8 people cause 8 youths of 8 different churches will compete. 

if anyone could give me a plan or guide or point me in the right direction that would be super !!!

i know im gonna need some wire... allot of wire... and an arduino...

thanks in advance to all you wise folk :)

oh btw i live in cape town...


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