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RC car ¨tuning¨ Answered

So I have an RC car and so does my friend and whenever we race them he always wins so I was thinking of maybe tuning it a bit (you know add an extra battery or something) so how can I tell how much voltage my circuit board and motor can take. The car itself uses a 12v battery and is fully digital (you can go slowly or quickly and you can turn only a bit or all the way, you know what i mean) I can provide some photos of the circuit board if that helps, just ask.

I know that RC cars are a bit childish but when Im older I want a job involving cars so thats a good place to get started =]


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12 years ago

Ha ha, well for starters, unless you introduce a different voltage regulator into the supply for the radio controller so it doesn't go over how much it's fed now (whether it's 12v or already stepped down with a built in regulator) Then from there, you could probably put another 12v battery pack in there in series so you have 24v, that would make the wheels go like stink, but like I said, the radio controller needs to be protected against the higher voltage, especially if the motors have analogue control from the board, it won't function properly with 24v going to the wheels.