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RIR Sensor with ~3ft detection capability? Answered

Question for you sensor experts...

I'm looking to do a project that would involve detecting when an item passes through a doorway near ground level (~6 inches above ground level).  Doing a bit of research it looks like a reflective infrared sensor would do the trick ... only issue I have come across is that there seem to be a slew of these sensors with detection capability of about 15mm max and then another class of these (home security grade) that have detection capability for several 10's of feet.

Any ideas on a RIR sensor (links appreciated!) that has capability ~2-3 feet?  Another caveat is I'd like to string up multiple of these sensors in a close proximity, each with the sensor observing a 2-3 ft area right in front of it.




3 years ago

Thanks! I figured there was something better that I hadn't yet explored. Looks like the laser IR sensors primarily detect distance; in my case, since the physical distance is unimportant, I can program it such that anytime something passes in front of the sensor momentarily, and as the measured distance decreases, the switch is tripped.

Thanks again!


Reply 3 years ago

You can get them as simple switches too - laser is being reflected and if nothing is detected it means an object is blocking it - signal comes out.
These work for distances of several hundred meters if need be...


3 years ago

Use IR light switches or for small objects laser detectors.
A PIR won't cut it.