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Raspberry Pi Laser Tag Without Linux Server? Answered

Hi Everyone, I have wanted to build a DIY laser tag system for a while now. I found this instructable- www.instructables.com/id/Infrared-Laser-Tag-With-Raspberry-Pi-Zero/ It is exactly what I waqs loking for with a few minor changes. It uses a Linux server to control all the guns. My dad is thinking of getting a new PC, and I would be able to use his old one. The only thing is, I would like to keep Windows on it for other things it will be used for. Is there any way I can use this instructable with a Windows pc? Thanks!


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1 year ago

Unless you are quite experience I would advise against it.
Best option IMO is a dual boot system.
Use Windows for everyday use and boot into a small Linux distribution just for the laser tag.
You even do it as a virtual system within Windows as I doubt the laser tag uses much ressources, but dual boot is by far the most comfortable option.
Plus, it gives you the option to just use the Ible as it is and the option that it works "out of the box".


Reply 1 year ago

Ok, Thanks! I have never even used raspberry pi or Linux before so I am not experienced.