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Rats Answered

Has anyone out there ever managed to make a rat proof/squirrel proof bird feeder or know of a commercial one that works please?

I love birds but not rats!

My wife will not let me shoot the rats with my Webley .22 air pistol!

At the moment I'm nearly rat free by only putting round suet balls in the feeder; as soon as I put seed in the feeder they're back. I've managed to stop the rats coming down the wire (amazing agility) by having a domed lid half way down the wire that when they try and stand on the lid it just tips and they fall off.

I've seen various gadgets to try to solve this problem but all of them failed in my garden.

I've done the usual things like making sure I keep the area clean below the wire feeder.

I've tried having a tray underneath to catch the bits when Tits have fed from the feeder and husks fall to the floor - the rats leap from the bushes onto to the tray making it tip all of its debris onto the floor. I've tried hanging it in the most remote place - 6 rats turn up doing a war dance underneath it waiting for droppings to fall down!

Anyone got any suggestions please



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Rats and birds are active at different times of the day. Birds are active when the sun is out. In contrast, rats prefer to come out at night. So I think if your feeder had a door, or doors, and if you could close the doors at night, that would do a lot to prevent the food from being eaten by rats.