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Records Ahoy! Answered

'Specialist researchers at the University of Nottingham say they have developed one of the fastest swimsuits in the world.

Scientists at NASA tested the fabric using specialised computer modelling technique to track fluid flow.

Swimmers testing the new suit have so far broken three world records.

The LZR racer suit, manufactured by Speedo, has up to 5% less drag in the water than a previous model produced last year.

Jess Sylvester, a swimmer who has been testing the new suit in Nottingham, said she felt "like a rocket" when she wore it.

"I feel fast just standing out of the pool in the suit.

"As soon as I hit the water I feel really fast, really streamlined and it just gives me confidence wearing it."

Dr Morvan said: "We focus on the hydrodynamics of the swimmer in the pool."

Ms Sylvester added the suit was so tight that it stopped muscles "oscillating and vibrating" which caused drag and could slow swimmers down.

World records set with the new swimsuit include those by:

  • Australia's Eamon Sullivan, who shaved 0.08 seconds off Alexander Popov's record in the 50m freestyle
  • Zimbabwe's Kirsty Coventry who sliced 2/10th of a second off Hungarian Krisztina Egerzegi's record in the 200m backstroke
  • and American swimmer Natalie Coughlin who broke the 100m backstroke record in 59.21 seconds.

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