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Refinishing hood of early 90's BMW? Answered

My buddy has an early 90's BMW...the model number slips my mind. It's jet black, but for reasons unknown, the front hood's clear coat has faded considerably. I was planning to simply mask everything and use some DuPont Clear Acrylic lacquer that I picked up at an Advanced Auto Parts store nearby; then buff it out later with polishing compound. Am I missing anything? It's completely rust-free, no dents etc. Thanks.


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11 years ago

You'll probably want to wet sand the surface to remove the faded clear coat. Google wet sanding. It might be easier to unbolt the hood from the car, that way you won't have to mask anything. Call an automotive paint store near you and make sure the product you purchased is suitable. I think if you use the right product and spray the clearcoat properly you shouldn't need to buff out after. I would definitely use a high quality paint gun and compressor to spray the clearcoat, I do hope you're not planning on using a clearcoat that's in spray cans. Do some test patches on scrap metal to get your technique down.