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Reid and Prince screw driver design? Answered

I have worked in the automobile repair industry for nearly 50 years and to the best of my knowledge, the reid and prince screw driver was originally designed and used by the european manufacturers. I state this in the form of a question and would like to know for sure.   I have found the posidrive design is mostly used on mechanical items(under the hood) and the standard philips is typically used oninterior and exterior trim  



7 years ago

Specifically, the Reid and Prince was invented by a British inventor.

A simple google search would have answered this btw.

Type 'Reid and Prince' into google. (or any other search engine)

The Phillips is essentially a Reid and Prince with the tip cut off, and it makes manufacture of screws a bit easier, since you don't have to have a true conical deformation of the female indentation on the screw.

These days, Torx are replacing many traditional uses for Phillips and R&P alike, since it's much more difficult to strip the screws or damage the driver due to far more surface area and frictional surfaces, especially where one needs to tighten or loosen the screw with any real force.


7 years ago

There's a good ible on variants on the phillips head. https://www.instructables.com/id/When-a-Phillips-is-not-a-Phillips



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