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Repair of a bi-pin light base Answered

I'm trying to repair my outdoor post light.  The bi-pin bases have rusted.  I purchased new bases and went to rewire the light, but there are some difficulties in doing this.  It would be incredibly easy if I was able to remove the wires from the new bases, connect them to the power wires, then reattach the base.  The pin slots don't appear readily removable, however, and the piece is put together with rivets, so taking it apart and reassembling it would be...  not so easy.

I was just wondering if anyone has attempted this and has any tips.




4 years ago

Don't know about your fitting but some of the newer ones use spring contacts to hold the wire.
should be hole above or under the wire in the base - push something in
there (all the way) and wiggle on the cable, it should come out.