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Resistor Calculator for electronic enthusiasts Answered

Hi to evebody.
I would like to share a tool which was developed for my own needs. For some time I recently need to obtain not standard resistor values with rationed precision from standard E24 series of resistors. Unfortuantely I don't find really good and convenient tool to do it. Finally I decided to made Resistors Finder for iPhone.
I did my best to create simple, nice and convenient user interface and fast searching algorithm.

Resistor Finder was just released yesterday on App Store.
If you want a  free copy please PM me for promo code. Only 10 promo codes available.
It will be nice to hear some feedback from you all. Any suggestion, critics and feature requests are welcome.


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9 years ago

Wow, that's great !
I am new with electronic and always get lost with resistor calculation. Your tool would be very helpful. Very good idea.
Cheers !